“Not all Green Coffee Bean is Created Equal”

- the Svetol® Difference

Key Features of Svetol®Green Coffee Bean Extract:

  • Helps burn fat*†
  • Helps improve muscle-to-fat ratio*†
  • Helps support metabolism*†
  • Can help improve body composition*†
  • Contains less caffeine than a cup of decaffeinated coffee*
  • Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract is clinically shown to enhance weight loss when used as part of a reduced-calorie diet and exercise program*†

RE•BODY® Green Coffee Bean Extract Chews supercharged my metabolism—on top of that, they’re delicious!*†

The Science Behind Svetol® Green Coffee Bean:

Svetol® is the gold standard in Green Coffee Bean Extracts; it is the premium trademarked form of Green Coffee Bean recently showcased on a popular daytime television show. Supported by 8 published and clinical studies it is the most clinically researched brand of Green Coffee Bean Extract on the market today.

Svetol® research has demonstrated significant differences in weight loss, decrease in body fat and increase in muscle mass/fat mass ratio when comparing  Svetol® with a low-calorie diet and placebo with the same diet.*†

RE•BODY Green Coffee Bean Extract™ delivers a total of 400 mg of Svetol® per capsule and features Svetol® , the authentic trademarked form. Don’t be fooled by formulas that require up to 800mg twice per day. In one study, taking just 200mg of Svetol ® twice daily with a reduced calorie diet, participants lost an average of 11lbs in 60 days compared to less than half that in the placebo group.*†

What are Chlorogenic Acids?
Chlorogenic Acids are the active antioxidant polyphenols found in high quality Green Coffee Extract. The RE•BODY formula delivers a standardized and ideal ratio of Chlorogenic acids and 5-caffeoylquinic acid ( 5CA) used in the clinical trials.

Real People Who Succeed with Svetol® Green Coffee Bean

What the Experts Say about Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Rob Maru, BS, Nutritionist
Svetol® is the science-based ingredient that powers our Green Coffee Bean Extract. Not only has the research shown Svetol® to be effective, but it’s by far the most studied Green Coffee Bean Extract available—backed by eight published scientific studies, including three human studies.
RE•BODY® Green Coffee Bean Extract Chews with Svetol®
RE•BODY® Green Coffee Bean Extract Veggie Capsules with Svetol® and Raspberry Ketones
The metabolism boosting chlorogenic acids found in Svetol® make RE·BODY®’s Green Coffee Bean Extract Chews & Veggie Capsules a superior choice. Only Svetol® has been shown in a human clinical trial to help enhance weight loss and improve the muscle-to-fat ratio when used with a reduced calorie diet.*†
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